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When buying a new home, work with a real estate brokerage company that protects your interests.

St. Louis’ Exclusive Buyer’s Broker Agency Now Lists Homes.

Tim ROhlman

For years our past clients and friends have asked us to help them sell their homes. After much deliberation, we have finally agreed to take on listings. Our primary business is still acting as a Buyer’s Broker to be sure you are getting the best representation when buying a home, but now we are also helping our clients sell their homes.

Knowing how the real estate Buyer thinks is an invaluable asset when it comes time to sell your home.

RRES has extensive experience working with buyers. Our reputation has been built on that. We know how they think and what they look for in a home. In the role of a “buyer’s broker”, we act as the buyer’s advocate being sure you get the best real estate deal possible. It’s a free consultation service for the buyer and costs you nothing. We are paid by the selling agent in the form of a referral fee.

On the sell side of the business, RRES functions as a traditional real estate agent. Our focus is on looking out for the seller’s best interest. We will RRES Video Linkhelp you determine your home’s optimal selling price, stage it, and aggressively market it. In this role we are compensated like a traditional real estate agent.

Our commitment is to you.

RRES agents are personally committed to working in your best interest. When acting in the role of a Buyer’s Broker, we will work to be sure you get the best deal possible. We will never show you our listings unless one is ideally suited to you needs. When we are representing you as the seller, we will do everything we can do to maximize the value of your home and move it in the quickest time possible.

“With over 25 years of experience in the St. Louis real estate market, we are confident our unique approach and consultative services will exceed your expectations. Contact us today and we will help you find and purchase your dream home with the confidence that you are getting the fairest deal.”

Tim Rohlman, President RRES
“St. Louis Exclusive Buyer’s Agency”